CAST & CREW CALLS 101: When & Where?

Updating notes with AD Sam Decker in between takes of "Put a Pin in It"

*If you haven't read the previous blog about Cast and Crew Calls, it's worth checking out as THIS IS No. 2 in CAST & CREW CALLS 101.

The when and where of your cast and crew call refers to your production schedule, when you will need the roles you are seeking, including pre-production such as auditions and interviews.

For instance: "planning to film MAY 2018 in/around the Philadelphia area," is far better than nothing at all!

Unfortunately, some candidates ignore this information (and a lot of other information) so it is important to reiterate these details when replying to an initial email of interest.

While your film might be unpaid, you might receive interest from neighboring cities and states which may mean that these filmmakers didn't read the details OR said filmmakers could have the budget to travel for work! Which lead to the next point...

Particularly when the job is unpaid, both ends of the conversation should be prepared for the question of accommodations such as reimbursement for travel or providing rooms as well as the meals provided on set.

More about this in a future blog!

When picking through cast and crew calls and responses, patience is a virtue, but when you find the good projects/team players, it's worth it!

What are you thoughts on cast and crew calls? Share your best and worst experiences with finding work in indie film!


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